About Me

Videographer. Video Editor. Travelling Storyteller. Self-proclaimed Part-Time Comedian.
Hello and welcome to Loodle Lens, an online portfolio and point of contact for all of your video and photo needs. 
I am Loodle herself- officially known as Lianne, and it is through my lens that you see. I'm a freelance editor and videographer, travelling around the globe to enrich my experiences as much as possible. After graduating with a degree in film studies and an incredibly sub par camera in hand, I packed my bags and left London for the rest of the world. 
In this time I have upgraded my camera (thank God), and shot an array of works, really testing and expanding my role as both an editor and photographer. I have done projects for companies wanting to advertise their products and their services, projects for not-for-profit charities and a whole lot of media promotion for tourism and podcasts. I have such a genuine passion for the work I do, client satisfaction, and of course exploring all the corners that this beautiful world has to offer.
Well as it turns out that whole travel thing is addictive, so here we are many years later, still snapping and editing as me (or my clients) see fit. If you're interested in working together for your next Oscar worthy project (wink wink), either scroll down or hit the contact button and let's get this show on the road. That's it for movie related puns and I bid you Adieu, enjoy looking through my lens.


Ron Hefner- Scenic Sotheby's International Realty,

Real Estate Broker

"Lianne does a fantastic job editing footage. I have been shooting and putting together youtube videos for a few years, but the quality of the video she creates and the time she saves me is worth it 1,000%. 


The videos are crisp and clean.  The coloring is vivid.  The transitions are smooth and eye catching.  She is truly and expert at her craft, not to mention an awesome person. 


I highly recommend hiring her for your videography needs"