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Meet The Team

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Corey O'Flanagan

My name is Corey O’Flanagan and my filmmaking journey has been an interesting one! 

I moved to Denver in 2015 and have proudly called Colorado my home since. With a business degree and a successful career in Real Estate, a few years ago I decided I needed a break and went on a round the world adventure. 

During that time, I found a new passion for videography and photography. I spent those years honing my craft and working around the world. 

I have recently returned to Denver to develop my videography and photography business in the Colorado area. 


You can count on me to be present at all stages of production paired with my team of professionally trained video editors, bringing you the highest quality product.


Combining my experience in both the sales and marketing side of the business along with a unique creative flair, giving your clients the best chance for success.

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Lianne Davidson

Since graduating from London’s Kingston University with a degree in media arts and video editing, Lianne has fine tuned her skills and become a global citizen. After extensive tours of Australia, Canada and SE Asia she has made Denver, CO her home. 

As the lead editor for Loodle Lens, Lianne is mostly found behind the scenes tweaking your photo and video content to perfection. Her expertise in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop combined with her attention to detail and patience make her a sought after editor well beyond the front range.

Besides her prowess in the editing room, Lianne is also a skilled photographer and videographer who takes on the vast majority of our headshot and lifestyle shoots. 

When she’s not helping with the business Lianne can be found adventuring. Whether it is snowboarding, hiking or chasing her new found love for mountain biking, she has fully embraced the active Colorado lifestyle. Being from the blustery northern shores of England its safe to say that she is also adapting nicely to the weather ;) 


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Panasonic GH5
Wide Variety of Lenses
Adobe Suite
Adobe Suite
DJI Ronin SC Gimbal
DJI Mavic Zoom 2


"LoodleLens' prowess with videography is nothing short of impressive. They were responsible for creating the custom intro video for our podcast and the end result left me speechless (in a good way!) They carefully listened to some of my starting ideas and also provided insightful feedback based on their many years experience. They deeply understand how to capture and trigger emotion in film, with visual storytelling skills that would complement almost any video project. I won't hesitate to provide a hearty recommendation for them."


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