What We Can Do

With an array of experience, we offer our services to a wide range of businesses for their videography and photography needs. These are not limited to but include;

  • Company promos/profiles

  • Business and product advertising

  • Personal videography needs

So far LoodleLens has provided photo and video work within the following industries; Real Estate, Food and Beverage, Travel,

Surf Schools, Barbers & Hair Salon, Manual Labor, Lifestyle, Products, Fitness

and Weddings.

*Prices are subject to individual project needs. Please use the contact form to inquire



Capture the unique, aesthetic points that the wonders of this world have to offer. Get a video that will not only showcase your adventures, but will create evergreen memories for years to come


Use professional video techniques to help capture and enrapture the lifestyle you want to promote. 


Did you know that over 82% of online traffic is video? Why not take advantage of the digital age by having an online marketing presence. Use a stylish, unique and cinematic video as a tool to help promote your product or business 


"We had the pleasure of having the team come to produce some new promotional material for our surf school. They listened closely to our ideas and worked hard to produce high quality videos in a style that fits the feeling and image we are aiming for.

It was great having them around and we are super thankful for their hard work, time and effort. We'd love to work with them again!"